Modules for VLXE|BLEND

The VLXE "toolbox" comes with different elements making
the pack you need.

Module Description
ModelsVLXE comes with a full range of models.
FlashA complete flash range is included including support for VLE, LLE and VLLE.
Unit operationsA number of unit operations are included and more can be created directly in an Excel sheet by linking calculations.
PVT simulationsA full range is included: Cloud point, phase envelope, critical point,
Spinodal etc.
SLE supportUser can perform SLE calculations on systems with one polymer.
Oil and gasAn oil and gas module is included.
FittingUser can fit parameters to data.
DatabaseVLXE comes with a parameter database that the user can extend and edit.
DIPPRVLXE comes with DIPPR Project 801 already integrated.
DDBST integrationGives a direct link to the DDB Polymer database.
VLXE APILet’s the user use the VLXE engine with in-house software.
It includes support for the use of in-house EOS with VLXE.


For more information see the brochures: Standard Systems
Polymer Systems


The VLXE "toolbox" comes with different elements making the package you need.
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Dll directly from own computer code - VLXE SDK: Learn more about SDK


VLXE|BLEND supports a wide range of systems.
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