VLXE version 9 ready for download

Highlights for this version is the new phase diagram calculations
that combine all the previous phase boundarys tracking routines
plus add support for SLVE.
Comparing to DIPPR is a common way to verify PC-SAFT parameters
and now a new calculation lets the user compare density,
vapor pressure and heat capacity with just a few mouse clicks.
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VLXE version 8 ready for download

Highlights for this version is better support for internal properties. The user now has access to all the relevant ideal and residual values.
The project sheet is now in version 15 and has been streamlined.
VLXE is now 100% focused on polymer calculations so the oil and gas module has been removed.
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VLXE Courses

For some time I have wanted to provide more courses beside the use of VLXE Blend.
Two new courses are therefore now available. The courses are for engineers or students that already know some thermodynamic
but are looking for more knowledge about the practical use and implementation of thermodynamic.
For more information see the course page or contact VLXE.

Asphaltene system with three and four phase areas.

A new version of the flash in VLXE Blend is almost ready for release.
The work started as a result of a study of a particular tricky asphaltene system that has a large 4- phase area plus several 3-phase areas.
The new Flash will correctly detect the entire phase diagram for this system.